Welcome to the House of Tattoo!

The House of Tattoo is a unique studio. It fuses the feeling of the comfort of home with the services and skills of a professional, state of the art tattoo studio. We are a custom tattoo shop. If you so desire, we offer our skills as artist and tattooists to help you to visualize and build the best possible tattoo for you.

The House of Tattoo has an extremely clean facility. Our counter staff is friendly and helpful to accommodate your scheduling and front of house needs. Our artists all work with a wide range of style diversity from realism to line design, using black and grey or color. Come in and see what we can do for you to create the best possible personal tattoo experience.

Call us at: (503)492–9998

Shop News

Happy Spring!

May 5, 2019

The House of Tattoo has two new members!

Congratulations to Nate and Mr. Say! Our two apprentices have completed the program, recently became licensed and are ready to tattoo you! Call the shop for availability! (New portfolios coming soon!!)

Spring is finally here and is quickly turning into summer, which means it's time to go out and play! Just remember:Sunblock!!!!  Wether you just got tattooed or plan to soon, don't forget the sunblock! UV rays are your tattoos enemy, and we can't tattoo over sunburns, so keep some SPF handy! 

The House of Tattoo needs YOU!!                                                           

We are currently hiring for the counter position, please check out our Facebook page for details! Now accepting resumes, please bring them in person as we would love to meet you! 

Hope to see you soon!! 


Tattoo of the Month

Customer: Josh and Zach
Artist: Say

Welcome our new Artists: Say and Nate!

Welcome two new artists to The House of Tattoo: Say and Nate!! Check out their shiny new portfolios!